STAINED GLASS, between TRADITION and modernism

The art of stained glass dates from the Middle Ages, then reached its peak during the Gothic period. At that time, stained glass windows were intended for churches and other religious buildings. After a period of decline, a real renaissance took place in the Art Nouveau periods, around 1880 to 1920, then Art Deco. Let us think of the ocean liners, of the luxury trains criss-crossing Europe.

Today a real craze is manifesting itself:

It is not “just” about preserving the heritage, restoring it, enhancing it. This is obviously true for religious buildings: cathedrals, churches, chapels… but also for stained glass windows in official buildings: town halls, stations, post offices, schools… Then the remarkable stained glass windows found in collectors’ and private individuals’ homes, in the form of doors, windows, bow windows…or in restaurants as wall decorations, luminous ceilings, lamps and sconces.

All styles are represented, all schools. In the architecture the stained glass windows fit perfectly. Modern glassmakers make large panels that bring spaces to life.

The trend is towards enhancing what already exists and looking for quality and durability. The return of the « handmade » is remarkable, after decades of mass industry « disposable ».

It is the light that brings the stained glass window to life, that makes it vibrate, that amazes us at every glance depending on the brightness during the day.

Our workshop restores old stained glass windows in the rules of the art and also creates stained glass windows, according to the wishes of customers, companies or individuals, and this in close collaboration, for the theme, the design, the colors, the style.

Atelier Gouty, years of expertise

The purest Norman tradition

The Gouty workshop founded 14 years ago is made up of a team of 6 young and dynamic companions in the service of heritage. Throughout Normandy, they restore stained glass windows from all periods, from the 13th to the 20th century, and offer their creations to both churches and individuals, from the provinces to the capital.

Restoration & preservation

The Gouty workshop offers you the restoration of your stained glass windows in accordance with the techniques of yesteryear.

A master glassmaker meets you on site to establish a diagnosis and precisely identify the work to be carried out.

The company takes care of the removal of the stained glass windows, their restoration in the workshop and their reinstallation in situ, including the installation of scaffolding.

According to your wishes, we will offer you protection solutions for your stained glass windows, whether by creating protective grids, dubbing canopies or even inserting double glazing.


Any proposal for intervention on stained glass windows must be argued with the help of a preliminary study aimed at identifying the problems present in order to determine the best solutions to consider.

These diagnoses are suitable for all types of stained glass and take into account their artistic and historical value, focusing both on the conservation of glass, lead and grisaille as well as the environment of the stained glass: general condition of the stone and locks or exterior protection.

Creation of custom stained glass windows

The Gouty workshop puts its know-how at your service and allows you to create unique projects: doors and windows, partition walls, insertion in double glazing, installation on existing glazing, safety glass, etc.

There is no limit to the choice of pattern and we offer you our major trends, which are in great demand: The Neo Art Deco, Art Nouveau styles and enamelled stained glass windows which are our specialty.